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I think many of us are tired of anti-aging, skin glowing, glass skin, perfect skin propaganda but still want to do right by our skin. After all, it’s our biggest organ, and its health is just as important as our teeth, muscles, or brain. I’ve done some serious damage to mine over the year, by the time I was 30 I was fed up of seeing all these serums promising to heal my issues and being envious of Hailey Biebers and the Kardashian/Jenners skin. Why couldn't I be blessed with flawess skin? Why me? Which led me down a few (and by a few I mean A LOT) beauty/skin rabbit holes looking for remedies for over a decade.

You want to know the best secret in keeping your skin healthy, glowing, and thriving? What you put in your mouth.

Seriously, good nutrients and are the ultimate must-have for healthy skin, and that includes hydration. According to research, it’s critical in keeping the epidermis moisturized and collagen strong.

Obviously, the easiest way to accomplish this is by drinking water and taking the right nutrients and minerals. However, there are other ingredients to promote skin health.

The It Girl Vitamins is the first skin gummy in the world clinically proven to not only hydrate but smooth the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and scarring. If you’re looking to maintain that “youthful appearance”

Scientifically tested and developed by our team of the world’s best longevity scientists and doctors, it is the most powerful longevity mix not only that's available in the world but also available as a all in a natural, clean, vegan, organic, sugar free, dairy free, gluten free, non-GMO, cruelty-free, delicious strawberry flavored gummy.

  • Backed by the world’s top aging experts from Harvard Medical School, MIT, and other top institutions.
  • Based on 400+ studies, IGV demonstrates efficacy in independent 3rd-party research studies
  • Targets 12 root causes of aging to slow down the pace of aging and repair skin damage. 
  • All ingredients grown, sourced and made in California, USA.

Many of us don't get the vital nutrients in the modern world we live today that we *need* for our health naturally. That's where IT GIRL VITAMINS come in handy—but the thought of taking a pill every day, particularly one that doesn't taste terribly pleasant, is not something everyone can stomach. This is where the It Girl Vitamin Gummies were born. We wanted to create something that's a little easier to get down that have not the same, but better effects than any supplement available on the market for our next generation.

If I could prevent one girl from experiencing what I went through and avoid wasting all her hard-earned money, time and mental health on nonsense like I did in my youth and beyond, I would consider my mission accomplished.

Skincare is a journey. While topical products you may apply to your face are fantastic, what you put into your body is equally if not much more important on your path to a flawless complexion. Sure, there are known foods which can help boost your glow, but who has time to keep track of them? An easy, consistent and for sure way to get your skin nourishing nutrients is by taking It Girl Vitamins POWER DUO. The Cell Turnover + Gut Detox is designed to boost your skin elasticity, fight wrinkles, plump skin, remove acne scarring, and more with proven results in 90 days. The unique mix we have created with 5 different Collagens, 3 Peptides, Powerhouse of a Hyaluronic Acid Mix, Zinc, Niacinamide, Magnesium, Sea Moss, Retinol, Powerful Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, & Vitamin B also have antioxidant properties to protect your skin on top of upping its radiance.

The top feature of the it girl vitamins is not only its skin nourishing and gut clearing abilities, but it also provides all the essential vitamins for your body to thrive. Achieving your peak state of well-being has never been simpler.



-- Founder | Mag Ruiz


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It Girl Vitamins
Melanie H.
Softens and moisturizes skin really well

I have been using this product now for about two weeks. My skin is much softer and I have not had any of the peeling or flaking some retinol product can cause. I can see a slight difference on how my wrinkles appear. They look softer and less noticable compared to before I started using it. I am hopefull that after using it longer term I will get even better results. I will say for the price it is great compared to other retinol /peptide products on the market, and this one has collagen and other great vitamins in it also.

It Girl Vitamins
Cathie W.
Skin is so smooth

I love how it makes my skin feel
I think it helps some of my wrinkles
Great quality

The best vitamins on the planet


It Girl Vitamins
Vanessa F.

Love it, it actually works plus It’s natural and vegan!

It Girl Vitamins
Djkdjd Fjekkfjd

Now I can't live without it!

It Girl Vitamins

I love love love the it girl gummy vitamins! Clears not only my skin on my face but also smoothes and makes my skin glow all over my body, such good quality, would 100% recommend it!


The It Girl heart gummies are amazing!!!! It feels so good as a morning pick me up and helps so much with inflammation and puffiness! It also helps soothe my psoriasis.

So much YES

I buy a years worth whenever they are available so I always have them 😍 it girls are smart girls! 💞 wish they were always in stock but we do what we gotta do haha 😂

It Girl Vitamins
Steph Steph
Why haven’t these been made sooner?!?!

I can’t believe this formula hasn’t been made sooner, I have been taking each ingredient separately 😫 the amount of time, money, and room in my cabinet I’m saving is crazzzy! Plus the it girl vitamin bottle is so cute I like to leave it out on my bathroom counter by my everyday skincare it looks so pretty 💞

It Girl Vitamins
Samantha A

The only reason I’m giving it 2 stars and not 1 is because I know they work, my sister gifted me 3 bottles and they work however I have bought my own now and I have never received my order. It’s been 2 weeks and nothing. Ridiculous

The only reason I gave 4 stars is because it should be 4 a day not 2.

These ingredients in these vitamins are a complete game changer! I honestly have no idea how I went so long without it - it's completely elevated my skincare routine & feel so much better instantly. It's the perfect formula, keeps my skin clear & how it makes me feel is such a unique touch & added bonus. I take it EVERYWHERE & never go a day without it, yes like some others, I take it multiple times a day. I see a way bigger difference when I take 4:6 a day. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!

I love my it girl vitamin pink heart gummies!

I truly feel and see the difference using my it girl gummies daily! I LIVE OT SO MUCH🙏💗💕

Love this

I love this so much I bought one for my mom who is going through meta pause. It’s great at healing hormones, and whenever I see her skin spots I yell at her to use it. My mom needed this and they were sold out for a long time so I emailed the team. They emailed back with in 60 minutes telling what to do and it worked! I was so impressed by the quick replyI

It Girl Vitamins
Yolanda D.

Because of the natural supplements it helped so much with my skin and hormones while pregnant! This should be made FOR PREGNANT GIRLS! So good! Saved me in so many ways

Great for girlies with Allergies!

This little guy is 100% worth the hype and the price tag. I was trying a pill form before and upgrade to this for many reasons. I had a little apprehension because of the price but I decided to treat myself and so glad I did. I absolutely love this thing. I have allergies to literally everything so I tend to have red skin, breakouts, dark and puffy eyes especially in the morning and this takes the swelling away within minutes. It helps with inflammation. And expecially redness. It’s just perfect. 10/10 recommend

It Girl Vitamins

This is by far the BEST purchase!! I can immediately see the difference in my skin.. I feel more confident after taking this! I take them every morning and throughout the day! I take 4 everyday! I even got my boyfriend hooked on it!

It Girl Vitamins
Kristen H

My skin has cleared up SO much in just the 30 days I've gotten it. It's healed more than I've ever hoped for

It Girl Vitamins

It works

It Girl Vitamins
Janette K.

This lit girl vitamin (the pink heart one) is a miracle vitamin! Not only is my skin looking smoother… my brows have grown back!! I’ve only been using this for 2 MOS!! I am extremely happy with my results.., I’ve tried everything to grow them back and this is the only thing that’s worked. I am a customer for life.

It Girl Vitamins
Ashlee J.

Really love this product. Does exactly what it says. I’m using this product to help prevent wrinkles and keep my skin tight and radiant. These it girl vitamins are helping me do exactly that. Highly recommend this and the reviews speak for themselves. I’m truly a big fan of all the it girl / magdacine products!

It Girl Vitamins

Waiting for my
Order where is it

Actually works under the eyes!

This is the first product or treatment of any kind that has brought back a little fullness under my eyes. That alone is impressive. It works great all over the face and neck too to make skin more healthy and youthful.

No explanation needed!

I can never go back.
No edits or filters. Just 30 days and look at the difference. I've never had any injectables.

It Girl Vitamins
Amanda H.
I feel like it should be advertised better

It’s a great product don’t get me wrong there’s no denying that however it is advertised by others and its own like a
Magic Gummy. It’s not. It took me MONTHS to see a result. I understand everyone’s skin is different however I almost gave up and didn’t buy my last bottle that ended up being the bottle that saved me skin.. if I would of gave up I would of never knew they worked.

It Girl Vitamins
Crystal R.
I’m in love

I started using these vitamins when they first came out they were named “Botox and filler in a gummy” which really
got my attention. I thought what the heck why not I’ve tried everything else. In November 2023 I took my first day. It’s been 5 months and I was SHOCKED when I decided to look at my before and after pictures!! I knew my skin looked so much better but I couldn’t believe what a big difference I saw. I am beyond grateful for this product and I will be using this for as long as they make it.