If it's not Good for the people + Great for the planet, we didn't make it.

Respectful of our place in the world!

All of our packaging is 100% recyclable! Please recycle your vitamin bottle once done.

We are committed to being ethical, sustainable and innovative. These values are at the heart of every business decision our team makes. We continually review our recyclability, the reduction of our carbon footprint and the sustainability of our business practice. We are committed to ethical sourcing and independently audited for our supply chain, to help our members make their move and take the advantage It Girl Vitamins gives them.

We believe in limiting our impact on the environment, without compromising on the quality and safety of our products. We’ve made progress, but there’s still work to be done. And we’ll keep you updated along the way.

Take your vitamins
Same daily habit, but better for the earth.
Your daily vitamin packs are now made with plant-based film.
Compost your daily packs
Throw your packs in the compost pile. If your community offers a composting service, we recommend using that.
Going, going, gone
Unlike petroleum-based plastic, our new plant-based film is designed to break down over time.
Compost your daily packs
Throw your packs in the compost pile. If your community offers a composting service, we recommend using that.
Going, going, gone
Unlike petroleum-based plastic, our new plant-based film is designed to break down over time.
What’s next
Our new vitamin pack film is just the start of a bigger sustainability initiative.  It Girl Vitamins has big, big plans for 2024 + we are about to take it up a few (or a lot) of notches. So fasten your seatbelt. We are just beginning babes.
Updated packaging for single-serving protein packets, Slim Sticks, Sustainable Fashion is on the way. (Shhh...)
We take old clothes, re-make them and make them more awesome than ever before. We don't do or support fast fashion in any way considering it is literally ruining our world for our children. We really hope you don't, either.
Please recycle other packaging
We encourage you to recycle your vitamin gummy bottles, packaging boxes, shipping boxes, and protein tubs. Meanwhile, we’re always working on longer term, permanent solutions to cut down on cardboard and plastic here in the office + home too.
Join the conversation!
We promise to do our best to find the most sustainable options available. If you have ideas, let’s chat. Send us an email at
Also, if you are a customer of ours who support us + want to join our girl gang chat FB group talking all things health, wellness, fashion, mom tips, life hacks, mental health + so much more let us know! We would love to have you.

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Amazing taste!!!! They melt in your mouth and love the packaging.

If I could give a million stars I would

My skin has never been so clear, hydrated, smooth, glowing and just straight up gorgeous in my life!!!!! Been on the gummies for 4 months now and all I wish is I found them sooner! So good!

I am addicted and am proud of it

originally found these on amazon then googled them and they were cheaper on here, so I bought them on here. I am so surprised about the quality and fast turnaround in results! I would personally always forget to drink the collagen drinks so when I found a delicious (and cute) gummy version I was so excited! But it's the peptides and magnesium, vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, retinol, and zinc that really set this vitamin apart and kick it into motion quickly! I am addicted and love taking these every day, I already bought 3 month worth and am on subscription, so I am never out. Best beauty secret of 2024! You are welcome ;)

The best thing I ever bought on the internet

Delicious and… THEY WORK!!!!

Love 💗

Doesn’t dry my skin out at all, gives me so much hydration and cells have turned over faster than ever before- I LOVE it!! This is the best vitamins I have ever gotten. It makes my skin so thoroughly and leaves my skin feeling so fresh. Absolutely worth it!!!


the it girl vitamins have gone viral and are loved by everyone of all ages FOR A GOOD REASON!!! I just hate when I’m out so I’m always stacking up because they’re almost always sold out when I’m out 😭🩷 they’re sooo good and yes. You want them

The best supplement you can find

My skin is definitely a piece of work. I also struggle with finding topical products that don't contribute to these breakouts. I always pay attention to ingredients that I put on my face as well as textures, as some of the thicker products don't mix well with my skin. I LOVE how the it girl vitamins work from within. I’ve been doing it wrong this whole time and now my skin is better than ever! Every girl in the world needs these vitamins in their routine 🤍 I’ve never felt or looked better in my entire life. I feel like I’m aging backwards


I wanted to share my journey using the it girl vitamins with other women because I know the feeling of feeling like nothing is working. I finally found something that works! You need this for skin elasticity!

I don’t think I’ve ever written a review in my life but this deserves it. I started using this as well as the other it girl
Vitamins green apple bear ones and my skin has never been clearer. I’m 30 and I’ve tried SO many products for my acne and it just kept getting worse. Just so thankful I found these products. And each bottle lasts 30 days! I’m on the subscription now and it’s SOOOO worth it.

It took a while for it to really start working but boy did it.. So honestly you might want to give this atleast 2 months to see the dramatic difference I know you guy's are looking for.
I do not have an ounce of makeup on because I honestly just don't need it.
Gosh I wish this stuff was more affordable cause I'd buy everything. It girl vitamin gummies really works if your faithful

Life changing

I started using the supplement when my acne was at its worst. After about a month of taking it I decided to invest in all their new skincare product that just came out. After 5 months, my acne is completely gone and the scarring is now healing. I also tossed all makeup that has pore clogging ingredients. I’m still working on my diet but I try to avoid a lot of sugar or dairy. The biggest game changer for me with their skincare line is this bundle - both of them together. The vitamins specifically. I provided pictures from 6 months ago, 3 months ago, and current (you can see the difference from the collagen peptide vitamin gummies)

Absolutely yes 🙌

Highly recommend to anyone women or man, girl or boy

thank you for this amazing supplement will continue taking it forever currently took it for 2 months and see and feel a very big difference

Before and after of my eyelashes ! Wow!!

Im 58 yrs young .When I first seen this product on Facebook I wasn't sure if I wanted to try it. But know I'm happy that I did. This product will change you life . I look much younger. Down 8 pounds. And Loving it. Thank you. ❤️

10/10 Great Stuff

At Last, A Simple, Convenient, Scientifically-Backed Way To Add Collagen To Your Diet Every Day In Only Seconds! They Could Use For A Better Name Then It Girl Vitamins. Do You Guys Not Want Men Customers? But All in All Thank You.

Not a reviewer type of person but this had to be shared

today's modern diet is missing the rich source of dietary collagen that helps replenish the body's natural collagen levels so naturally I was looking for the best collagen supplement on the internet and I definitely found it! Thank god for instagram! This stuff WORKS WORKS

No more paint - you can see the results and I can feel the results within

Within a week I could tell such a difference in my knees. This is the best product I’ve ever found that actually has relieved the pain! I was taking cortisone shots for arthritis in my hip and the dr told me I had to have a hip replacement. I started taking your collagen peptides powerhouse instead. I was barely walking and now I am pain free and walking. It’s only been 4 months!

Yes, a man took these and he’s so happy he did.

One thing is clear: if you are looking to achieve a more youthful and radiant appearance, it girl vitamins Botox and filler collagen peptides powerhouse is the best collagen supplement you can find. Period.

You NEED this product in your life. I’ve been using this for a little over a month, and WOW! My skin has never looked better! I saw results in as little as 3 weeks. My pores are less visible, my smile lines are not as prominent, my skin is glowing, and the texture on my chin is the biggest change of all! I always break out in that area, but it girl vitamins collagen peptides powerhouse has really helped keep my chin from looking bumpy from all the previous scarring. I highly recommend this product to everyone.

I saw positive changes on my skin and wrinkles after a few months of taking the it girl vitamin Botox & filler gummies. The wrinkles on my forehead and around my eyes got smaller

LoveloveLOVE this product!

Definitely noticed a difference in nail growth and strength in about 2 weeks. Noticed my hair growing faster and thicker or more dense (take note I mean ALL HAIR not just on the head😅👍) a month maybe month and a half (4-6 weeks). The skin improvement took the longest since now I have been using the product about 4 months and I got a few really Definitely noticed a difference, everyone give me compliments and realized a solid difference like bouncier skin and a nice glow. It’s been a journey but it’s so worth it and it’s definitely something I’m just used to taking with the rest of my skincare routine in the morning or before bed! And being the least consistent person on the planet, if I can do it so can you 😘😘😘

have been using 3 wks, already seeing results